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Dalmatian Information

No one needs to tell the owner of a Dal how intelligent or playful he is - the owner already knows! Dals have been used in circus dog acts and in other areas of the entertainment world.  They have been used as guard-sentinels on the borders of Yugoslavia; and as war dogs by the U,S. Army. Dalmatians also possess the herding instinct-with one herding hogs in Iowa!  Many Dalmatians are used as hunters of birds and small game, and in packs they have hunted wild boar.  Dalmatians possess keen eyesight, and their sense of smell makes them avid trackers.  The Dalmatian's powerful muscles have enabled him to be used as a draft animal, yet he still retains enough speed to run down rats and other small vermin.  Dalmatians also possess a high degree of intelligence as evidenced by their use as Guide Dogs for the Blind and Hearing Impaired and also in the Obedience Ring.  This versatile dog-the polka dot clown - has been many things to many people, but his greatest role is as family friend.  Dalmatians possess a sound temperament, when properly bred, and the patience to endure the physical strain of associating with children; in fact, they relish the constant activity that children provide.  They have a mild protective instinct enough to ward off uninvited intruders, but not so much that you cannot trust them when they are alone.  


(From the brochure, "The Chicagoland Dalmatian Club presents the Dalmatian")

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